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Study in Canada


For decades Canada has welcomed international students from around the globe. Canada is recognized worldwide for its outstanding quality of education—from elementary school to post-secondary studies. You’ll find a welcoming country with a unique Canadian culture that embraces diversity. From urban centers to small towns, Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world for international students. Canada is known to offer high quality education at some of the lowest university tuition fees among English-speaking countries with degrees that are globally recognized. After graduation, students can choose to stay in Canada to live and work under the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) for up to three years that would be a pathway to apply for permanent residency later on. In order to study in Canada, most international students must obtain a Canadian Study Permit. This requirement generally applies to those students who plan to study in Canada for more than 6 months.

Spousal Open Work Permit for International Students


Spouses or common-law partners of certain foreign nationals who hold a study permit and study on a full-time basis in post-graduation work permit- eligible study programs and institutions may apply for an Open Work permit. An open work permit is a work permit that is not job-specific. It allows the international student’s spouse or common-law partner to accept any job offer with any employer in Canada. The work permit will usually be issued for the same length of time as your study permit. Although there are no restrictions on the open work permit concerning the employer name, the foreign national is still subject to the general conditions imposed on all temporary residents under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).

Student Consultation Service

  • Finding the right University/College and program for you on your behalf in any part of Canada that matches your background, academic interests, and financial situation

  • Preparing and submitting your application to the University/College on your behalf and requesting a letter of acceptance (LOA)

  • Personalized Document Checklist

  • A detailed assessment of your application forms and supporting documentation

  • Preparing and filing your Canadian Study Permit application on your behalf and representing you until issuance of your student visa

  • Extension of Study Permit application

  • Preparing and filing of Canadian work permit application for international students’ spouses or common-law partners

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